What to Expect

Why The Outrage Room?

The Outrage Room experience is a must-have. Our mobile rage room was created to help others find joy in life by providing a fun and safe experience to create memories that can be remembered for a lifetime.


Having fun is for everyone

Whether you are looking to destress, have fun, or provide a revolutionary experience that your guest will remember forever; The Outrage Room is for everyone. People of all shapes, sizes, and abilities can enjoy an experience like no other. You do not need to be a pro or even stressed to enjoy The Outrage Room. Our mobile rage room offers a rage room used for smashing things, splatter painting, car smashing, and professional development to clients.

Preparing for your experience

Step 1.

How to Prepare

Wear a comfortable outfit you’d wear on a regular day with closed toed shoes.
  • Lace-up sneakers
  • Casual, comfortable clothes
  • Style hair for fitted helmet, like a low bun
  • Glasses are okay
  • Jewelry, watches, accessories
  • Loose clothing & shoes
  • Items in pockets
  • Open-toed shoes or sandals
Step 2.

Check In

Arrive 15 minutes ahead of your scheduled time to allow for check-in. Once you arrive, you’ll be asked to complete a Participation Waiver.  For a smoother check-in process, you are encouraged to complete your Participation Waiver online if you have not done so online prior to check-in.

Step 3.


Prior to jumping into any of our activities you will receive an orientation that will inform you of how to engage in the service you chose. This is where we will answer questions for you as well.

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