The Outrage Room

Recycle With Us

Recycle with us today for a better tomorrow

The Outrage Room recycles and upcycle to help minimize waste. We utilize eco-friendly materials for our customers to use. By choosing more sustainable items for destruction we can ensure that your experience is not only fun but also gentle on the environment.

Book Now Prices

Splatter Packages

I would like for $55 per person

  • 16x20 canvas
  • 1 hour of studio time
  • 1 disposable poncho
  • 1 pair of shoe covers
  • Painting take home box per painting
  • Access to full paint bar
  • Optional other gear (hair cover, gloves, sanitized goggles)
  • Access to painting utensils (Brushes, splatter sticks, paint gun)

Rage Room Packages

  • Rage room (fits up to 5 ppl)
  • Rage room (fits up to 5 )
  • Large Rage Room (Fits up to 12 people)
  • Scream room