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Rage room

Our mobile rage room is a fun and safe environment where you can make art out of anger and stress, it can be used in a variety of ways. People use them at weddings, birthday parties, schools, company events and the list goes on. If you want a to provide an awesome experience or really give people something to rave about, try our mobile rage room. It's an experience you don’t want to miss!

The Outrage Room is a Georgia-based company that provides mobile services to the following states: Georgia, Florida, Alabama, Tennessee, and South Carolina.

Yes, we can go just about anywhere. Many corporations use our services to help reduce burn out and stress within their employees during wellness weeks and stressful work periods. Unlike any other rage room, The Outrage Room consists of individuals who are well-versed in facilitating team-building activities, soft skills, and
leadership development.  Combined, these skills help build camaraderie and transform your staff through dynamic training.

Absolutely! Our organization was formed to help improve student retention at the university level. The Outrage Room has been a hit on college campuses. Many use our services during wellness week, move-ins, and finals week.

The Outrage Room is a mobile rage room created to enrich the lives of others by providing a safe environment to release stress. We proudly offer: rage room, splatter painting, and car smashing services to our customers as well as provide professional developmental programs for corporate, non-profit, and governmental organizations to aid in their organizational development and employee success.

Safety is our number one priority! We fit each participant with appropriate protections and
give a safety tutorial before the session starts.

We do require participants to be at least 8 years old or older for safety purposes. If you are under 18 years of age, you must be accompanied by a parent or guardian who will watch or join the group in addition to signing our waiver.

Just your inner warrior! All equipment will be provided unless you purchase a “Bring Your Own Breakables” (BYOB) package. In that case, you will need to bring your own things to break.

Close-toed shoes are required — the rest is up to you! We do recommend wearing comfortable clothing; something you can move freely in and get the best out of your experience.

All outside breakables/donations must be reviewed by our staff prior to entering the rage room for safety. Items such as fluorescent lightbulbs, batteries, power tools and CRT TVs are not allowed due to hazardous materials found inside of them.

Absolutely, all individuals participating in the services must be 8 years and older.


Splatter Painting

Splatter painting is a form of abstract art where paint dances like a chaotic symphony creating fun and unpredictable patterns. Splatter painting is great for creative expression, and emotional release. Let's level up your next event with our mobile paint studio.

Splatter painting is an easy and expressive way to create abstract art.  It simply requires a canvas, paint, and an open mind for disorder. It is a fun and creative way to relieve stress and connect with your inner Picasso!

Each individual person will receive a canvas, paint, and protective gear. You can prop the canvas up on our shelving and then splatter neon paint from squirt bottles onto your canvas, the walls, ceiling, floor, and even your friends! The canvas is yours to keep. Make sure to grab a box on the way out.

We do require participants to be at least 8 years or older for safety purposes! Individuals 15 and under must be accompanied by a parent/guardian who will watch or participate. All individuals under the age of 18 must have a signed waiver by their parent/guardian.

We recommend not wearing your favorite clothes as there is a good chance you will get paint on them. All customers will get goggles, booties, and a poncho.

No outside food or drinks are allowed unless it is for a birthday party.

Absolutely, all individuals participating in the services must be 8 years and older.


Car Smashing

Car smashing is a kinetic therapy that shatters stress into a pure freedom. This cathartic activity involves the use of tools such as sledgehammers and bats to create a masterpiece of automotive demolition. Great for teambuilding, wellness events, and those dealing with unspoken stress; car smashing is a must have experience and it can be for anyone looking to take an event to the next level.

Mobile car smashing involves bringing the experience of smashing objects, including cars, to a location of your choice using a mobile setup.

It can work however you want it to work. Traditionally our team will bring a decommissioned car to your event for participants to smash using various tools. Participants will have the opportunity to release stress by smashing or spray painting the car, within that setup.

Safety measures are in place, including protective gear and controlled environments. Trained staff can oversee
the experience to ensure participant safety. Or if you want to facilitate your own event, you may do so.  You 
must adhere to the safety measures provided.

Depending on the service, decommissioned or specially prepared vehicles may be used, ensuring safety while
providing a satisfying smashing experience.

Participation requirements may vary, but participants often need to adhere to age restrictions, sign waivers, and follow safety guidelines to ensure a secure experience.

You can book directly on our website. There are add-ons that you can include in your package as well.

Must be done on an open flat surface. Can be done on grass or concrete.

The primary purpose is to provide a cathartic and stress-relieving experience for participants by offering a controlled environment for smashing objects, including cars, as a form of fun release.


Professional Development

Unlock the door to your employee's professional potential and step into a realm where growth is not just a destination but a thrilling journey. We offer a wide range of professional development opportunities for organizations such as leadership education, managing difficult conversations, emotional intelligence and much more. One of our most popular program is Everything DISC which is used to support organizations in helping individuals understand and improve their communication styles, work dynamics, and interpersonal relationships within the workplace. Take advantage of our tailored development programs to address your organization's specific needs by scheduling a needs assessment.

Our programs focus on enhancing the skills, knowledge, and abilities of individuals within organizations through training, coaching, and educational programs.

You will need to schedule a needs assessment meeting and our training team will send you an invite to
discuss your specific needs.

Absolutely! Currently we are an approved vendors for the state of Georgia, the city of Atlanta, and Fulton County. We can complete any necessary documents to become an approved vendor with your organization.

We offer virtual, instructor-led training, and professional development programs to provide flexibility to large organizations. Within our needs assessment, we will work to determine the amount and frequency of the training. We collaborate with you to determine what the training agreement looks like.

Absolutely! The Outrage Room can pair our professional development or team building program with splatter painting, car smashing, or the rage room.

Yes, we offer virtual training solutions, making it possible to engage with remote teams and individuals

The duration varies based on the specific program or training, ranging from short workshops to extended
leadership development programs that span several months

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