More ways to experience the Outrage Room

Special Events

Perfect for all ages! Your Outrage Room special event is guaranteed to be a unique and memorable experience for everyone who attends. Some of our special events have included: Birthday Parties, Grieving the loss of a loved one, Wedding receptions, Community Popups, and much more.

Group Events

Plan an unforgettable event for you organization. From corporate events, team building, and Dynamic professional developmental opportunities, we are ready to make your next event Outrageous

School Events

Our Rageologist will guide students through an unforgettable experience used to help release frustration, improve retention, and provide a chance to leave stress behind. This experience turns school-related tension into a memorable and enjoyable experience for everyone and through our many services offered provide creative and innovative expression with art.

Our Programs

Our mobile rage room is a fun and safe environment where you can make art out of anger and stress, it can be used in a variety of ways. People use them at weddings, birthday parties, Schools, company events and the list goes on. If you want a to provide an awesome experience or really give people something to rave about, try our mobile rage room. It’s an experience you don’t want to miss!​
Splatter painting is a form of abstract art where paint dances like a chaotic symphony creating fun and unpredictable patterns. Splatter painting is great for creative expression, and emotional release. Let’s level up your next event with our mobile paint studio.​
Car smashing is a kinetic therapy that shatters stress into a pure freedom. This cathartic activity involves the use of tools such as sledgehammers and bats to create a masterpiece of automotive demolition. Great for teambuilding, wellness events, and those dealing with unspoken stress; car smashing is a must have experience and it can be for anyone looking to take an event to the next level.​
Unlock the door to your employee’s professional potential and step into a realm where growth is not just a destination but a thrilling journey. We offer a wide range of professional development opportunities for organizations such as leadership education, managing difficult conversations, time management, emotional intelligence and much more. One of our most popular programs is Everything DiSC (embed a link that takes them to this program What is Disc ) which is used to support organizations in helping individuals understand and improve their communication styles, work dynamics and interpersonal relationships with in the work place. Take advantage of our tailored development programs to address your organization’s specific needs by scheduling a needs assessment.

Workplace Stress

Stress in the workplace can be an issue for all professionals. Stress in the workplace can be an issue for all professionals.

If poorly managed, workplace stress can become burnout. Let us help reengage your workers by adding something meaningful to relieve stress and decrease burnout!

Book The Outrage Room at your hospital, clinic, office, church, or place of business.


This was the perfect event for our company employee celebration day. I did not know how our group of architects, engineers, and landscapers would take to the rage room, however we had a blast. This is a must for every company, it defiantly helped others come out of their shells and help bring us closer together.

Aaron D.
The Foresite Group
We have used The Outrage Room multiple times for on campus wellness events. Our students always look forward to plate smashing, it is a must have during finals and midterms and has become a staple on our campus.
Larry T.
Georgia Tech
Residential Housing
We had The Outrage Room at our community gym event and it was a hit. Well worth the investment, it was great to see our gym members engage in organized destruction. I had no idea they had so much pent up frustration around the morning workout. The Outrage Room is a must have!
Dr. Christina G.
The Garage Fitness Gym
We have booked The Outrage Room for our cheerleaders multiple times. Plate smashing and splatter painting are our favorites. We have our athletes list some of their goals or worries leading into the all-star cheerleading season and have used both as a team building exercise. It definitely help decrease nervousness around competing, especially at large competition. We recommend booking for your all-star program.
Cheer South Allstars